Spring Garden Preparation

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Following is a quick list of notes from an interview.

Also, follow Stacey Murphy and Brooklyn Backyard Farmers- the Brooklyn Backyard Farmer has an excellent collection of informational and training videos. She also holds online classes where you get to interact.

In her spring planting class templates and Excel spreadsheets are available to map out your strategies. Where is there shade, sun. How do the shading patterns change with the seasons?

(random notes)
How to start planning your garden in the Spring.

bokashi composting effective if don’t have browns

spring planting
arugula, spinache, beets

52 different packages marked out in Johnnies catelog. 250+

sq ft beets at a time, each week. Stager

seeding, transplanting, trellising, harvesting, soil fertility, record keeping

calendar, mark out harvest date when plant.
know what will replace at harvest

lookup 1st thaw date/last frost date (spring)
first frost date (fall)

4-6 weeks before 1st plant date, start seeds in hoophouse
can transplant beets and some other roots.
num days where temps go above 86’F
(Florida, oct-may to avoid hot days)

look for 10 day stretch that’s predictable w/no freak things coming and plant or cover.

Heritage Harvest seeds in Canada, Now we do not pay the high exchange oon the order


fist of compost about number of people on earth = beneficial organisms

soil pH
around 7 nutrients best able to take up by plants
less chance of taking up heavy metals (like acidic)

NY winter rye, buckwheat, hairy vetch, crimson clover, winter pea
hold structure of soil and hold minerals
chop/drop in spring

seed companies
High Mowing
Botanical Gardens
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Baker Creek heirlooms and Sow True
seedsnow.com, dollarseed.com
Sprout People
Botanical Interests Broonfield CO
Hudson Valley Seed Library : www.seedlibrary.org/
Lake valley seed company
turtle seeds

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