Spring Garden Preparation

Following is a quick list of notes from an interview. Also, follow Stacey Murphy and Brooklyn Backyard Farmers- the Brooklyn Backyard Farmer has an excellent collection of informational and training videos. She also holds online classes where you get to interact. In her spring planting class templates and Excel spreadsheets are available to map out […]

Monthly Meetup @ 6:30 3rd Thursdays

* Organizational Meet & Greet * Thursday July 16 @ 6:30-8:30 Come get to know and play with your fellow Delaware County Permaculture, Rocket Stove, Aquaponics and Surveying Food Security enthusiasts. We will go round so each can do a brief intro – who are you, why are you here, what do you hope to […]

Past Classes & Events

~ 2015 PERMACUTURE  CLASSES ~ Practical Permaculture Finding Your Sustainability Niche Sat May 23 – SEVA Foundation, South Kortright NY   Brief description: Practical Permaculture — Finding Your Sustainability Niche An introduction to Permaculture principles, ethics (of “Care for Earth, Care for People and recycling surplus through the network-system), and the basics of reading landscapes. Hands-on […]

Why Permaculture?

  Why Permaculture? We are loosing soil. We loose 6lbs farmable soil for each pound of food we consume 24 california, 18 in China, topsoil is relentlessly being eroded and destroyed destroyed. In 49 years whole world may be desertified if we continue with modern farming/agricultural practices. As the soil depletes, it depletes faster – […]

Guerilla gardening | make it look less obvious

Hidden Forest Gardening When your growing areas appear to be random and chaotic, they are less likely to be noticed and plundered by passersby – be it diaspora groups fleeing the city in a disaster or earth change or others who think it’s easier to take what you have instead of tend their own gardens. […]

How to manage and use water running through a property?

Slow it, Spread it, Sink it Water flows through a landscape from high energy, low potential highlands to low energy, high potential lowlands. A large pond at low points on your land make sense and will be productive reservoirs, but you will have to spend energy to pump it up where you need it. By […]

Chickens kick downhill – feed your garden

Build Regenerative/recycling Networks Consider building a regenerative network with your land. A catch pond at low elevations can grow reeds which filter and clean the water and those reeds can be harvested and feed to the chickens further up in elevation, near the garden and a swale. Since chickens only kick downhill, you can plan […]

What is Permaculture?

Three Fundamental Design Concepts The foundational concepts in reading the landscape are Access, Water, Slope/aspect. These provide a starting point and touchstone from which an imaginative and useful design can unfold. Rather than put a cabin on a ridge top because of “the view”, consider the expense of putting in a driveway all the way […]

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a term coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in Australia. The term is a mix of “permanent”, “culture” and “agriculture”. Permaculture is a “whole systems” design methodology based on science and careful observation of the “pattern language” in Nature. This wholistic systems-design methodology integrates water, energy usage and efficiency, composting in smart […]

Local Sustainability and Permaculture

 Geoff Lawton’s Call for a “Functional Ecology Economy” In October 2012, two months away from the big “2012 event”, after meeting activists and hearing of amazing projects at the Bay Area Permaculture Convergence, I decided to attend Geoff’s week long Advanced Permaculture intensive on Watershed Design, Earthworks and Food Forests. Even though I had completed many other […]